Our Team

Jocelyn Garland is an Integrated Trust Systems associate advisor and a licensed financial professional. She is a strong advocate of protecting families by preparing for the unforeseen and the inevitable. Her background and almost two decades of experience in physical therapy allowed her to witness the hardship and heartaches that families face when they go through these events in their lives if they don’t have a plan in place. 

She and her team reach out to people across the United States from all backgrounds to spread financial literacy.  They have helped families establish a better financial foundation and proactively plan courses of action so they can achieve their goals and efficiently pass on their legacy to the next generation. She and her family love their cats and love trying out new cuisine especially when travelling. 

Rowena Kuo is an Integrated Trust Systems associate advisor and a licensed financial professional. She is also the author of Author Legacy, Ensuring the Immortality of Your Life’s Work. She is the web talk show host for Don’t Be Cinderella and is a strong advocate of educating families in Financial Literacy.

With a history of being an RN specializing in caring for developmentally different adults, Rowena recognizes the importance of protecting loved ones who may be devastated by the loss of those important to them. Today, Rowena speaks to individuals and businesses about passing on legacies to the next generation.  She is also the CEO, Executive Editor, and Producer for Brimstone Fiction, Brimstone Books and Media, and Brimstone Fire.  When not working on words or films, she is a full-time mom with secret aspirations for spaceflight.

Michael Rosenwasser is an Integrated Trust Systems associate advisor and had been in the advertising and marketing field for 40 years.  He owns a sports memorabilia company and is an avid baseball, hockey, and football fan.  He loves to travel and is a food connoisseur.

He has an excellent track record in customer relations and in ensuring that his clients get the best customer service possible.  Michael has experienced firsthand the benefits of a seamless legacy transfer from his parents and would like to help a lot of people do the same.

Ed Kaiser is an award-winning legal professional with over ten years of multi-jurisdictional and multi-disciplined legal practice. His expertise spans multiple practice areas, including real estate, business law, estates and trusts, litigation, and dispute resolution. As a legal advisor, Ed prioritizes open communication and a personalized approach, fostering strong client relationships built on trust, empathy, and mutual respect. Ed’s clients appreciate his easy-going demeanor and ability to explain complex legal concepts in a clear and understandable manner, empowering them to make informed decisions about their legal matters.  Ed’s Trusted Estate Plan, powered by the Integrated Trust Systems platform, offers a unique, user-friendly, self-guided option for establishing a modern, economical, and flexible estate plan. In life, change is inevitable. With the Integrated Trust Systems platform at your fingertips, making changes to your Trusted Estate Plan is simple.


Caroline Nahm offers Integrated Trust Systems Advisor Partners and their clients a kind, guiding hand to help them through the process of securing their financial futures. For almost a decade she has worked with one of our key Advisor Partners, refining her skills at client service and managing the workflow for completing important processes.

As an Integrated Trust Systems Funding Specialist, she walks clients through the      7-step process of funding their eStatePlanTM arranging their consultations with eStatePlanTM principals and helping them secure the necessary funding documents to make their plan a success.

Married for 25 years and with two grown sons, Caroline likes to spend her time cooking, reading, exercising and rescuing dogs. Her two newest family members are Kylo, an Australian Shepherd and Obi the Beagle.